How to heal in Returnal

Physician, heal thyself.


Image via Housemarque

Exploring a mysterious alien planet that is ripe with danger is not the easiest thing in the world. You will likely take a lot of damage in Returnal, and death will become a friend. To progress in the game you will want to delay that death as long as possible, which means learning how to heal yourself.

There are two sources of healing in Returnal that players can take advantage of, and knowing when to use both is a good thing.


Silphium comes in three different types, all of which will heal you for different amounts:

  • Small Silphium
  • Silphium
  • Large Silphium

The large the Silphium, the more healing it will provide you. It is also possible to find a Malignant Silphiu, but that will also inflict a Malfunction, so you should think carefully before you use it. Silphium will have a small green beam of light coming off it in the world, and will often be hidden behind some form of obstacle.

Inert Reclaimers

The Inert Reclaimers are more of a later game option, and they will start to appear in the Echoing Ruins. Activate one to restore a large chunk of health, but the trade-off is that they will spawn enemies. If you are confident that you can deal with whatever random spawns will come your way, they are a solid way to heal a lot, with a random chance to improve suit integrity as well.

Sleeping in the Ship

If you return to the ship during a run, you can go back inside and sleep in your cabin. This will recover some of your lost health, which can be a boon on a tough run.