How to heal in The Ascent

A healing hand.

Image via Neon Giant.

As an action RPG, there can be a lot of damage flying around in The Ascent. As you make your way through the game, your character is going to get pummeled, and you will need to be able to heal them to keep them in the fight.

In this guide, we will run through an assortment of ways that you can heal your character in The Ascent, and when to use them.

Health Kits

Health Kits come in different sizes and can be purchased from Kiosks or picked up from dead enemies. You should also destroy crates, and open anything you come across that might give you loot for a chance to get more. If you are missing health, then picking up a small health pack will instantly heal you, but larger health kits will only be used if you hit X while standing on top of them.

Passive Healing

You will passive healing when in hub areas like Cluster 13, or on a train. If you are about to head toward either one, don’t worry about wasting resources by trying to heal up as it will happen automatically.

Active Skill Healing

Keep an eye out for skills that you spec into that will heal your character as you use them. There are a couple of different types, and they will all heal you in different ways, so pay close attention to the skill descriptions to get the most out of them.