How to heal your characters in Genshin Impact

Stay in the fight.


With so much of Genshin Impact revolving around combat, you may be wondering how to heal your characters. If a character in your party takes full damage, they will be knocked out and you will need to revive them and heal them up. It’s normally a good idea to heal them before this happens, and if a character takes a lot of damage you can switch to any other member of your party to keep them alive.

It might not be the best way to finish fights if the character who was injured is particuarly good at taking on the threat you face, but it can be worth switching characters while you wait out their cooldowns, rather than just letting them get knocked out.


The main source of healing in the game is food. You can gather up all types of ingredients while you are exploring the world and either eat them, or combine them together at cooking pots to make tasty and nutritous foods that can heal, or revive, your characters.

There are numerous different recipes in the game that will both heal you, and provide interesting combat buffs as well, so be sure to experiment everytime you are near a cooking pot.

Healing Abilities

If you are very lucky, you will end up with a party member who can heal, but they are quite rare, so this is not something you will be able to rely on too much. Noelle, Jean, and Barbara are all pretty solid healers, and if you are lucky enought to get Qiqi then she is a superb active healer.

If you are lucky enough to find a Statue of the Seven, you can interact with it to get a full party heal. These important areas in the game also act as warp points, and will also expose a lot of information on the map as well.