How to help the Coral Buddies enter the Nuclear Age in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3

Going nuclear.


We are unsure if we are impressed or scared, but the Coral Buddies that can be found to the west of Lockie Lighthouse are ready to enter the Nuclear Age. We have already helped them develop to the Wood AgeStone Age, and Modern Age. Now it is time for them to enter the Nuclear Age.

The first thing you will need to do is head back to their island to the north of the Shark. You can find a Nuclear Container in a sunken ship right beside a rock to the east of their little island.

Next, you will need to bring that contain to the beach right beside the rock, and interact with a Nuclear Testing Site that you can find there. Now it is time to sit down and watch the results, as a massive mushroom cloud and explosion will go off. That’s it, the Coral Buddies are now all set up for the Nuclear Age.

It is a little worrisome that our cute little friends now have access to nuclear power, as they clearly know something we don’t. The Coral Buddies predicted the coming of Coral Castle, as they have us mark out the rough area that it would appear a couple of weeks back. Our current theory is that the Coral Buddies are the remains of the once-great civilization that lived in Coral Castle, and they are now trying to advance to a point where they can once again live in their massive home.

Hopefully they don’t decide to nuke the rest of the map, although that would make for quite the end of season event.