How to hide the crosshair in Elder Scrolls Online

Only a few necessary steps to immerse yourself into Tamriel.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Elder Scrolls Online features many similar tools from other Elder Scrolls games, despite being built on a custom engine. One of the features is a crosshair that is always active on your screen, showing you where you are pointing your character and allowing you to interact with objects that may be on a different vertical plane. However, many players feel that this breaks the immersion of such a story-based game, so here’s how to hide the crosshair in Elder Scrolls Online.

First, this only works on PC — console players, we’re sorry, but you are out of luck. There isn’t a way to hide the crosshair on consoles, as it requires the installation of mods.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The add-on you need to install is Combat Reticle – fix. The fix removes some dependencies that caused it to interfere with other add-ons since the original add-on is no longer being actively worked on. It is still dependent on LibAddonMenu-2.0, so you’ll need to install that as well. Once installed (it’s easier to use the Minion app to search and install your add-ons,) boot up ESO, login to your character, and hit ESC to bring up the main menu.

From here, click on Settings > Addons > Combat Reticle. Then click on Themes and select the “Minimalist” theme option. Hit the Load Theme button, and you’re all set! The crosshair is gone, and you can fully immerse yourself in the wonderful world of Tamriel. If you want to bring it back, follow the above steps and choose a different theme or uninstall the add-on in your Minion add-on list to remove it entirely.