How to hire retainers in Final Fantasy XIV

Expand your retainer space and add more to help you out.

Screengrab via Square Enix

Retainers can be exceptionally useful for players in Final Fantasy XIV. You normally use them to hold a certain amount of items and gil, and they can be used to sell items on the market for you. They’re a good way to save a bit of time on your end, and also keep your inventory free of trash items you only need every once in awhile, ensuring things don’t become too cluttered.

After joining the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, you can purchase a retainer, the main scenario quest everyone goes through in the game. You’ll be directed to the Market Ward, where you’ll be able to purchase your first two, and then every account in Final Fantasy XIV can have up to two retainers. You need to speak with the Retainer Vocate of the area to buy them. However, if you wish to hire more retainers, you can do so by purchasing more space for them by buying more space on your account. The fee stacks up on top of any fees associated with Final Fantasy XIV fees.

Everyone can purchase more retainer space by visiting your account on, logging into your account, and then going down to the ‘additional paid options.’ All of the retainers cost a small fee, and the cost returns every 30 days. You can hire more retainers at the same locations in the Market Ward of any major city, similar to when you purchased your original two.