How to honk a car horn in Fortnite Chapter 3

Send your enemies a warning signal.

Screenshot by Gamepur

On the surface, vehicles in Fortnite Chapter 3 are great for getting around, plus their honking mechanic gives you a few extra tools for your kit. Although most use this to signal to teammates to get into the driver’s vehicle, the battle royale may also offer challenges that have players use the horn near enemies — ultimately granting a major amount of XP upon completion. Luckily, this action is fairly simple to do and can be done with most of the vehicles in the game.

Unlike combat and building-oriented controls, your driving buttons will only depend on whether you are using a keyboard or controller and will remain the same even if you have changed the default control scheme. For those on a keyboard, a driver can honk a car horn by simply right-clicking on the mouse while inside a vehicle. Those with a controller can do this by pressing the down button on the D-pad.

When it comes to horn-based challenges, like honking within 10 meters of an enemy, it is best to start by dropping into an area that is bound to have a few enemies and cars close by. The two best places to do these sorts of challenges are certainly Rocky Reels and Greasy Grove. Both of these points of interest have numerous cars outside their buildings and are known to attract many players from the start.

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