How to Increase Carry Weight in Death Stranding

Because you play a post-apocalyptic delivery man in Death Stranding, the amount of weight you can carry is very important. While you can get access to vehicles, you still want to be able to load as much cargo onto your body as possible for many missions. The good news is that as the game progresses, there are ways to increase how much weight you can carry.

How To Increase The Weight You Can Carry In Death Stranding

A pretty easy way to increase your weight limit in Death Stranding is to just do deliveries. Finishing deliveries between distribution centers on time, and with the cargo in good condition, will get you good ratings. These ratings will slowly but surely increase how much you can carry. It’s not a fast process, but it is an incremental improvement throughout the game that will make a difference.

As you make your way through the story, you will get access to a new item that allows you to wear Power Skeletons. These mechanized suits allow you to carry far more items. They are battery-powered, so you need to consider that. If your Power Skeleton runs out of battery in the wilderness, you will have to make some awkward decisions about what to leave behind. As the story goes on, you can upgrade your Power Skeleton.

The Floating Carrier is another very useful tool to help you carry more weight. This floating platform will levitate behind you, and you can stack plenty of cargo on top of it.

Finally, there are plenty of vehicles in the game that can also help you to carry more cargo to its destination.

The real trick is to deliver as much cargo as you can, as quickly and as safely as you can. Most of the ways to increase your carry weight are tied into the story in some way, so this is the one thing you can really do to try and go out of your way to increase the weight you can carry.