How to increase your Elemental Mastery in Genshin Impact

More power.

Genshin Impact

Image via miHoYo

If you have been playing through Genshin Impact’s story and wondering why your elemental attacks are starting to feel a little less effective as time goes on, the answer if your Elemental Mastery. This stat dictates how much damage you do with abilities, but as enemies increase in level, you will need to make sure you are ranking it up to stay doing effective damage against them.

The main route towards increase this stat is not by leveling up, it is through the use of Artifacts. Different artifacts provide different bonuses, and some of them will give you increased Elemental Mastery.

Artifacts can provide buffs as either their primary or secondary effect. Secondary effects are unlocked by enhancing and leveling up the artifact itself. For example, the Berserker’s Bone Goblet will provide an increase to Elemental Mastery. As you rank up the artifact, this increase will grow with each level.

Some characters will be using far more elemental attacks that others, so be sure to equip the right artifacts on the right characters, then upgrade them as you need to. You can also get weapons that will give a buff towards Elemental Mastery, and these work the same way. As you level them up, the buff will increase.

While leveling your character will increase things like HP, and worshipping the Statues of the Seven will improve stamina, you will need to constantly upgrade your artifacts, and play with your loadouts, to make sure all your character builds are up to snuff.