How to increase your inventory space in Resident Evil Village

More inventory space for more items.

Inventory management can be some of the most difficult portions of any Resident Evil game, and Resident Evil Village is not different. You’ll have to play around with your inventory space as you explore deeper in the game, and if you’re not careful, you might find yourself leaving things behind that you could need in the future. You do have a way to increase your inventory space.

You’ll need to speak with Duke at certain portions of the game and buy them from the story. After we defeated Lady Dimitrescu’s first daughter, we returned to Duke and found an inventory space item at the shop. The upgrade was not cheap. It cost 10,000 Lei, and thankfully, we had a few valuable items in our inventory we could sell to earn enough money to give it back to him in exchange for the upgrade.

These items will be limited. We’re not sure how many of them are in the game, but we were able to grab the first one pretty early. We’re betting there will be more in the future, so you’ll have to check back with Duke fairly often to see what new items he has for sale. The second inventory increase happened after we defeated Lady Dimitrescu, and we returned to the village. It was the same item, however, it was being offered for 30,000 Lei, so the price goes up each time.

If you’re still having trouble during the early portions of Resident Evil Village with inventory management, you can always jump into the menu and move your stuff around. Hover over the item you want to move, click the square button if you’re on a PlayStation, or the ‘X’ button if you’re on an Xbox, to shift them around. Sometimes, you’re able to get some of the items to fit together when you play around with them.