How to increase your world level and what it does in Genshin Impact

Increase the difficulty for more rewards.

There are world levels you can increase in Genshin Impact. The world level increases alongside your Adventure Rank, and the higher it is, the better equipment and potential drops you can have while you’re out exploring the game. It makes it easier to find useful equipment and ingredients on par with your skillset, giving you access to much better things that can assist you in combating powerful foes.

How do you do go about increasing your world level? It’s all about your Adventurer Rank. When you reach Adventure Rank 20, your world level increases by one, giving you access to better loot drops, and you can fight stronger monsters, bosses, and participate in higher-level Ley Line Outcrops. It makes returning to all of the locations you’ve already explored and visited worthwhile with stronger foes to fight against.

You may also have to complete World Rank Acension Quests to raise your World Level. These are done through the Adventurer’s Guild, and they should provide additional details about what you need to do when you reach this stage.