How to install add-ons for Minecraft Education Edition

Give your students a new experience.

Image via Mojang Studios

Minecraft: Education Edition is not just another version of the blocky game that has become known as one of the most popular titles on the market. In contrast to its Java and Bedrock siblings, this version is meant to give students a learning environment where they can play with other classmates. While there are plenty of built-in lessons for students, teachers can adjust the experience with the use of add-ons. Like mods in the other versions, add-ons can change up the game for the kids. Here is how to install add-ons in Minecraft: Education Edition.

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How to add and use add-ons in Minecraft: Education Edition

If you are experienced with coding, you can create your own mods for Minecraft: Education Edition. In that case, we recommend checking out the Minecraft Creator Learning Portal and Lessons page to figure that process out. For anyone looking to add already made content to the game, keep reading.

You can find downloads for various add-ons all around the internet. MCPEDL is one of our recommended sites to check out. Keep in mind these add-ons are designed for Bedrock, so test them out after putting them in to make sure they work. Also, if you are trying to access these sites on a school computer, they will likely be blocked. In that case, we recommend downloading them from a personal computer and transferring them to the school computer. If you find anything you want to bring in, download the file, then start up Minecraft: Education Edition.

After signing into Minecraft, press the Import button in the bottom right of the main menu. Find the downloaded item and click “OK.” If the downloaded add-on works properly, it should now appear in the game. This content is usually cosmetic-based, so you will likely find new skins for your students’ characters or new various blocks.