How to interrupt skills and abilities in Outriders

Stop them in their tracks.

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The powerful enemies you fight in Outriders not only have advanced weaponry they can use against you, but they also feature unique skills and abilities.

You’ll be able to recognize when a strong enemy is about to use one of these skills by the casting bar that appears above their head. When this happens, you have until it reaches the end of that bar to interrupt them, preventing the attack from happening. You can’t interrupt an enemy by merely filling them full of bullets; instead, you need to use a specific ability of your own.

You cannot interrupt an enemy’s ability using any ability on your character. It needs to have the direct keyword ‘interrupt’ in it. The keyword will be listed in your menu’s skills tab, and it will be in bold white text underneath the skills you have equipped.

So long as your abilities on the ‘interrupt’ text in them, you can use them to stop an enemy from using their specialized attacks. You want to make sure you have these ready to go during any boss fights or when battling elite foes.

Because of how frequently you’ll be encountering enemies with these attacks, we recommend having at least one ability in your kit that can interrupt. While one is good, two is always better, especially if you use one attack far more than the other, so it’ll consistently be on cooldown.

These attacks will vary for each class. You want to make sure to read the text and look for those keywords before placing them on your character.