How to invite friends to your strike team in Marvel’s Avengers

Avengers. Assemble.

Marvel's Avengers level scaling multiplayer mission power

Image via Square Enix

Marvel’s Avengers gives you the chance to play as one of your favorite Marvel superheroes in a video game where you unlock new gear, fight stronger baddies, and take on more difficult, daunting challenges with enhanced gear. You don’t have to do it alone. You can invite friends to join you on these missions. Go to the social tab in your main menu and go to the strike team page.

There are name slots on the strike team menu. The first one goes to you, and when you play Marvel’s Avengers by yourself, you will have a companion, an AI, playing the other characters. To invite your friends, click the open nameplate available in the menu. This will bring up your friend’s list on your respective platform, and you can invite any friend who also has the game. They will receive the invitation and they can choose to accept it. The connection process may take a little bit, so give it some time to load and wait for them to sync into your session.

You can also do this right before a mission. Prior to the beginning of a mission, you can choose any of the nameplates and go through the same process of inviting your friends and waiting for them to sync into your session. The only difference between these two methods is one takes place before the mission, and the other is during it.