How to kill a Bombardier Beetle in Grounded

Keep your distance.


While not as terrifying as spiders, bombardiers are still quite a tough fight in Grounded. These large bugs can spit at you, and the gross goo will damage and stun you, making you an easy target for follow up blows.

Where to find Bombardiers

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You can find Bombardiers in two main areas, marked on the map above. You should be cautious when fighting these guys, as you will want to take them on one at a time.

How to kill them

If you plan to fight a Bombardier, then range is vital to avoid the goo that they spit at you. You will want to make sure you have a bow and plenty of arrows.

Sprig Bow

  • Sprig x 3
  • Gnat Fuzz x 4
  • Woven Fiber x 2


  • Mite Fuzz x 2
  • Thistle Needle x 5

You will also want to pick your battlefield. The best tactic is to climb up high, then chip away at the Bombardier with arrows. Find a tall rock or branch, and climb up to it. Then, get the Bombardier’s attention by hitting it with arrows. It will run underneath you then it should stop as it tries to figure out a route to you.

You will be safe as long as you are high up, and can just slowly kill the Bombardier. If it does manage to spit at you, just make sure you dodge it, as it could potentially knock you off your birch, sending you to you death because the Bombardier will swarm you with powerful strikes if you get too close.