How to kill a Spider in Grounded

It’s not fun.


Image via Microsoft Game Studios

Spiders are, by far, the biggest threat in the yard in Grounded. They have big health bars, as surprisingly fast, and they won’t give up when they start trying to kill you. They also hit very hard, and look gross, so we don’t mind at all if you kill them.

Where to find spiders

You can find spiders all around the large Oak Tree to the north of the map. You need to be careful in this area, as you never want to find yourself fighting more than one spider at a time.

How to fight spiders solo

If you plan to fight a spider alone, then range is your friend, and the battlefield is key. You will need a Sprig Bow, and some arrows.

Sprig Bow

  • Sprig x 3
  • Gnat Fuzz x 4
  • Woven Fiber x 2


  • Mite Fuzz x 2
  • Thistle Needle x 5

Now, find your target spider, and make sure you have rocks, dry grass, and other objects nearby. You want to shoot the spider, then place the terrain between you and it, ideally standing somewhere the spider just can’t get to, then work it over with arrows until it is dead. Grass will not work, as the spider can simply bend it out of the way, make sure you use rocks for the best effect.

How to fight spiders as a group

You still want to use arrows, but this time have one person draw aggro from the spider, then jump up on a rock, or branch that the spider cannot reach. Spiders are currently very low to drop aggro, and will just try to get to the first player and everyone else can quickly cut it down with arrows from a safe distance. This is more than likely something that will be patched over time, but for now, you can take advantage of it for easy spider kills in multiplayer.