How to kill a Stinkbug in Grounded

Something stinks.

Stinkbugs are some of the toughest bugs you will encounter in Grounded. These bus-sized creatures mean business, and while their legs are powerful tools, they also have the use of deadly gas warfare, which means you need to keep your distance and expect them to try and take you on up close.

Where to find stinkbugs

You can find stinkbugs in a particular place at the southwestern portion of the map, close to where you can find the large bug spray. You can use and climb the large rake to spot them, and when you do, you can likely see how often they spray their gas around them. It’s a fearsome sight, so you want to keep your distance at all times.

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How to kill Stinkbugs

A great method to take them out might feel a little cheap, but it’s an extremely safe way to fight and loot them without putting yourself in too much danger. Essentially, you want to build a Sprig bow using three sprigs, four gnat fuzz, and two woven fiber, and then plenty of arrows that require two mite fuzz and five thistle needles. The last thing you need to find is a dandelion tuft to use as a glider.

After you have a good amount of arrows in your inventory, go to the top of the rake at the southwest part of the map, pick out a Stinkbug, and start hitting it with arrows. They do a decent amount of damage to where peppering away at the bug should eventually kill it. Make sure to have extra supplies in your inventory to make any arrows you might need during the encounter.

You might feel a bit bad, but given how powerful and deadly these bugs are, it’s a good strategy. The core idea is to remain patient, continually take them out from a distance, and keep away from engaging them as much as possible. Once you take out your prey, use your dandelion tuft to float down to the ground and pick up your hard-earned resources.

It also helps to craft a gas mask, but it takes one weevil nose, four gnat fuzz, two woven fibers, and one stinkbug part to make, meaning you need to take these things out before you can make this great item.

All you need to do is keep your distance and use the terrain to your advantage to take them out. Avoid directly fighting them as much as possible, and you should be able to win the day. Once