How To Kill Menagerie Boss Arunak, Beloved Of Calus In Destiny 2

Destiny 2

A new week means a new boss at the end of the Menagerie in Destiny 2, and this week we have Arunak, Beloved of Calus. Arunak is a rather large Ogre, and he seems pretty intent on giving us the business. In my opinion, this is an easier boss that the giant Vex we dealt with last week, so if you struggled with that one then you may have an easier time here.

How To Kill Arunak, Beloved of Calus

Anurak, Beloved of Calus

When the fight starts, you will notice that you cannot damage Arunak, as a shield protects him. To drop the shield and get a chance to damage him you want to take out the exploding Thrall that will spawn in. These guys might be a little tough, so if you are low light, it is best to double up on them when killing them. When they die, they will drop an orb you can pick up. Throw this orb at Anurak to damage his shields.

Now, I did notice that you can throw the Orbs between players, but as I was playing with randoms, I couldn’t properly test to see if it causes more damage to his shield by doing this, as it will do in other parts of the game. If you are with a group, it is worth testing.

Once his shield drops, just lay into him doing as much damage as possible. The fight follows the pattern of last week, and each wave will get a little more difficult. The second wave of adds will spawn with Hive Wizard, while the third wave will spawn with those great hulking Hive Knights.

There seems to be a secret Triumph tied to this, not to kill any of the Hive Knights while you are fighting Anurak, and kill him with all the Hive Knights still alive.

Just take out the Thrall, throw the orbs, and damage the big boss. You might want to be careful with an area of effect weapons and supers if you want to try for the Triumph.

That should be it! There can be some hidden elements to these, so if any secrets pop up, I will update the guide accordingly. Best of luck, Guardian!