How to Kill Ghost Skeletons in Sea of Thieves


The various quests in Sea of Thieves can take sailors on a variety of adventures. As we explained in our factions guide, some quests are more dangerous than others. Some will have you going up against seemingly invincible Ghost Skeletons. These skeletons are shrouded in shadows and appear to take no damage from weapons of any sort. So how does one defeat them?

How to Kill Ghost Skeletons

How to Kill Ghost Skeletons in Sea of Thieves
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Ghost Skeletons can by many names. Some call them Whights, Night Skeletons, or Shadow Skeletons. But like all skeletons in Sea of Thieves, these creatures are rather easily dispatched, once you know their secret weakness: Light. That’s right, these shadowy bastards can’t stand the sight of light. Any light will do, but your lantern is what’s going to be most handy for defeating them. In a pinch, you can wait until the next morning and the daylight will take care of them for you. But that’s not nearly as much fun as breaking out the ol’ lantern and then spearing them with your cutlass.

Of course, using the lantern will require some cooperation, as sailors can only hold one thing at a time. I guess multi-tasking wasn’t invented until later… Keep in mind that like all skeletons, these Ghost Skeletons can regenerate health by eating bananas. Yes, that’s right. They do that just like you do! Don’t ask me where the banana goes, though. I all we know is that it heals them and you don’t want that.

Should you encounter any of these mythical creatures, keep in mind that light is your ally, sailor. For more helpful advice on how to survive in Sea of Thieves, pay a visit to our Guide Hub.