How to Kill Inotam, Oblivion’s Triune in Destiny 2

Inotam is a triple threat, so be watchful for a range of attacks.

Destiny 2

A new boss has arrived in Destiny 2’s Sundial. Inotam, Oblivion’s Triune is the combined form of the three Psion Flayers that we have been fighting up to this point. It’s a new boss fight, with some mechanics, in a new arena that looks great. As such, it is a step up from the Undying Mind.

To fight Inotam, just run the Sundial as usual, and when you fill-up the bar, you will be teleported off to the new fight. Things begin with the Psions combining into one large Psion, but be careful, they can all still throw out some unique damage.

Be on the lookout for raining balls of Solar energy, powerful Void nets that will trap and kill you, and crushing strikes of Arc lighting.

Start by putting as much damage as you can into Inotam. When their health is lowered enough, you will be teleported off to fight one Aspect of them. You can quickly melt the Aspect during this portion, but be watchful for ads, as enough of them might cause some problems. I found Grenade Launchers were decimating this section of the fight.

When the Aspect is dead, you will be brought back to the main arena and will need to defend a circle on the ground, which will be marked by a chevron. Protecting it while it charges, by standing in it, will cause Inotam’s shield to drop, giving you another damage round. Do enough damage, and you get whisked away to fight another Aspect.

This will continue as you fight all three Aspects, but each time you return, there will be one more area to defend, splitting the team a little more each time. The last cycle has three areas that need to be protected, but they do not all need to be charged at the same time. When they are all charged, you will get your last damage phase and will be able to finish off the boss.

Nothing overly complicated, but it is easy to get lost in a new activity when a lot is happening. Grenade Launchers and Sniper Rifles will rule the day for DPS sections, while anything that offers could crowd clear will also be needed, as there are a lot of ads during this fight.