How to knock someone over in Fall Guys – Big Bully Trophy

Show your dominance.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockdown

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is all about not falling over, which means it is about knocking other people over. As you run through the various obstacle courses and challenges, you will have plenty of opportunities to send other players flying. In fact, if you want to get the Big Bully trophy, then this is precisely what you need to do. It’s okay though, Fall Guys are pretty squishy, so nobody is going to get hurt.

How to knock someone over

The easiest way to knock someone over is to wait for them to need to try and jump over something, then dive at them. This is easier said than done at the start of a game, where the general crush of players means all anyone can do is try to run straight forward. After a minute of running, the pack should break up enough where you will be able to lay in wait for someone who needs to try and jump over an obstacle, or onto a new platform.

Wait for them to just begin their jump, then hit the Square button to dive at their feet. If you time it right, you should impact their feet, turn them over in the air, and knock them to the ground. Job done, and the Trophy should now be yours. We have found this diving method is a fantastic way to knock over other players, simply because they never seem to expect it to happen. They spend so much effort trying to stay upright, they don’t expect some lunatic to come flying through the air at them.