How to know which Legend detected you in Apex Legends

Sonar detected.

Detected by Bloodhound

Screenshot by Gamepur

Recon Legends are often valuable trackers in Apex Legends, that much is not even arguable. That said, a lot of the time when tracking abilities gain info on enemy players, they also know they have been detected. So, if you are fighting against Recon Legends, or Legends with recon abilities, how do you know who is detecting you? As of the Evolution collection Event patch, there is now a new and improved set of alerts you can receive that even depict the icon of the Legend who scanned you. Let’s take a look.

Detection Alerts

All 4 Detection Alerts
Images via Respawn

If you are detected by a Legend’s ability in Apex Legends, you will usually get an alert on the screen that coincides with the Legend you were scanned by. The alert will depict an icon of the Legend who scanned you, along with a message. There are also other visual cues.


  • Ability: Focus of Attention
  • Detection Alert Color: Blue
  • Detection Alert Message: Micro-Drones Detected
  • Visual Effects: Blue-white micro drones buzzing around the screen
  • Sound Effects: A scan sound with a lingering fuzzy, swarming effect


  • Ability: Eye of the Allfather
  • Detection Alert Color: Red
  • Detection Alert Message: Sonar Detected
  • Visual Effects: A red-orange glow on your character
  • Sound Effects: A distinct scanning sound when you are first hit


  • Ability: Surveillance Drone
  • Detection Alert Color: Green
  • Detection Alert Message: Drone Detected
  • Visual Effects: A looping scan of your character while in range
  • Sound Effects: Repeated technological scanning noises


  • Ability: The Motherlode
  • Detection Alert Color: Red
  • Detection Alert Message: Mortar Flare Detected
  • Visual Effects: A ring of fire around you (you will take incendiary damage if you touch it)
  • Sound Effects: You can hear the flames, similar to the sound of Thermite Grenades

Note: Valkyrie can also scan players from the air with her passive, but there is no traditional alert message for this.