How to learn new abilities in Stoneshard

What is your character good at?

Abilities are how you make a unique character in Stoneshard. There are plenty of ability trees to unlock as you play through the game, and the only way to give points to those ability trees is to continually level up and increase the number of points your character receives. However, you cannot use these points to unlock an ability. You need to first learn about it.

To find these new abilities, you need to scour the world speaking to merchants, plundering dungeons, and, overall, get lucky to have them drop on a particular enemy. Some of the tougher enemies you’ll find in the game they could potentially have them, but you’re better of speaking to merchants in the surrounding towns or plundering dungeons in the game to find what you need.

Once you have an ability book of something your character previously did not know, all you have to do is find it in your inventory and have your character read it. After reading it, they gain the initial ability, and you now need to use an ability point to gain access to it. To unlock it, go to your ability page by clicking the S button, and you can pick and choose what you’d like to know.

Some characters in the game start with particular abilities over others. For example, Jonna and Dirwin start with the Athletics ability tree, and Jorgrim and Arna start with the Combat Mastery. With the newly added save slots, you can have multiple characters available in the game and save at different points.

Explore as many new locations as you can while browsing through the game. The more you’re willing to look around, the more abilities your character can have, making them a unique hero in Stoneshard.