How to level Botanist from 80-90 in Final Fantasy XIV

Leveling Botanist has never been so easy.


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Crafting and gathering are important parts of any MMO, and Final Fantasy XIV is no exception. With the release of Endwalker, a plethora of new recipes and materials has been made available for players. However, there are also new systems for gatherers, which can be confusing for some. We’ve figured out the best way to level Botanist 80-90 in Final Fantasy XIV for you.

First, you need to have unlocked Collectables in Radz-at-han, and be able to speak with the Collectable Appraiser (x11, y10). This NPC will reward you with experience and White Scrips for specific Collectable items, which you can view at any time by speaking to him. This list not only shows you what you can turn in, but also what the rewards will be depending on the level of collectability — more on this in a minute.

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If you’re just starting out at level 80, purchase a full set of Botanist gear if you haven’t, and check out your Gathering Log by selecting Logs, and then Gathering Log in the main menu. This log will show you not only everything you can collect, but also where to find it. By clicking on the Special tab on the left, you can access the Collectable Gathering Log, which will show you where, and when, to collect certain objects. For example, let’s start off with Rarefied Palm Log, your entry into botany turn-ins. This item can only be found in The Hamsa Hatchery, Thavnair, and only from 02:00 to 04:00 and 14:00 to 16:00 Eorzea Time.

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Now that you have a target, you simply need to wait until the appropriate server time for the node to spawn. When it does spawn, click on the node and prepare to collect your prize. The following window should pop up:

It may look like a lot, but let’s break it down. The Collectability Value is what determines how big your reward is on turn-in. You want to aim for 1000 as much as possible, but until you get better gear, you can aim for at least the minimum value for turn-in, which is 600. In order to reach this value, you need to use a combination of Botanist abilities to raise that value.

Starting out, the proper rotation is Scrutiny > Scour > Scrutiny > Scour > Scrutiny > Scour > Collect x3. Replace Scour with Meticulous Woodsman anytime you get the Collector’s Standard buff, which has a random chance to activate whenever you use Scour. This basic rotation should get you at least three Collectables with a minimum value of 600, which can be turned back in for experience and White Scrip.

Even past level 81, you will still be collecting Rareified Palm Logs, in addition to the other collectables you unlock as you level up. The items can be found in your Gathering Log, as well as locations and times. Continue gathering and turning in collectables all the way to 90, but make sure you spend your White Scrip when you reach the cap of 2000. You can do this by visiting the Scrip Exchange NPC located next door (x11, y9). We recommend buying either Materia or Tokens for later use.