How to level Crafters 80-90 in Final Fantasy XIV

Level your Disciple of the Hands easily.


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By now, you’ve probably leveled a combat Job or two to 90, and are looking at leveling some of the non-combat Jobs, like Gatherers and Crafters. We have guides on leveling Gatherers via the Collectable system here. What about Crafters, though? Here’s how to level Crafters from 80-90 in Final Fantasy XIV.

First, there are two methods — crafting Collectables and turning them in, or crafting items for Levequests. Levequests can be done more easily, as you can simply buy the crafted items off the Market Board and turn them in, if you have the Gil, of course. To accomplish this, first unlock the Gleaner Leves by taking a level 80 or higher Disciple of the Hand or Land Job to the Scholar’s Harbor in Old Sharlayan (x12, y13).

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After speaking with Grigge and unlocking Levequests, you’ll find that the system works exactly the same as previous Levemetes. Simply bring one of the items requested, and turn it in — receiving experience, a random item used to craft the object, and a small amount of Gil in return. Be aware that the item will be lost, but that’s the trade-off — you can craft or purchase a massive amount of the items needed for turn-in, and rapidly complete the Levequest multiple times for a huge amount of rewards. Also, keep in mind you only have 100 Levequest Allowances at maximum, and they regenerate at a rate of three per 12 hours.

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Crafting Collectables is a little more time-consuming, but offers greater rewards — primarily White Scrip, which can be used to purchase Materia and tokens. The process is the same as crafting anything else — you want to max out your Quality bar before maxing out your Progress bar. As always, Collectables can be turned into the Collectable Appraiser in Radz-at-han (x11, y10)

A simple rotation we’ve been using for crafting 80 Durability items is Reflect > Waste Not II > Delicate Synthesis (Until Progress is within Byregot’s Blessing range or CP is around 110) > Master’s Mend (If necessary) > Byregot’s Blessing (Max out Quality!) > Careful Synthesis until complete! This “rotation” works with full ilvl 500 all the way up to level 88 items, afterwards it may not quite work. Also, this rotation isn’t optimized at all — simply eyeball your meters and adjust as necessary.