How to level up fast in Dead By Daylight

Use your Bloodpoints wisely.

Image via Behaviour Interactive

Dead By Daylight is a survival horror multiplayer game developed by Behaviour Interactive that you can play with five friends and one of them is a killer while the rest play as survivors. The game’s objective is simple; the survivors cannot fight against the killer and can only survive by running away and evading them.

They must use obstacles in the form of wooden pallets, windows, and items that they either find inside chests or bring before the match starts to help them run from the killer for as long as they can. In order to escape, survivors must repair five generators scattered across the entire map to power the exit gates and open them to leave the area or find a hatch to jump into. There are few tips to help you perform well and level up fast in the game.

Learn when to run and when to hide

Sometimes running is not useful against the killer since the killer is always faster than the survivor and running also creates scratch marks that will help the killer in spotting the survivor. So if the killer is close to you, you should find a place to hide instead of running.

Don’t struggle

Instead of struggling upon getting strung on the hook and dying quickly, you should wait for your teammates to come and save you. There are low chances that you will get off the hook by struggling, while if you avoid this, your teammates will get more time to save you before you die.

Save your teammates

As important as it is to save yourself from the killer, helping your teammates by healing them or getting them off the hook will help you rank up in the game. Your perks and tools will come in handy in situations like these.

Use Perks and Tools

Survivors can use different perks and tools against the killer to escape him by breaking hooks, speeding up generator repairs, or using first aid kits to repair themselves. Thus, you should make use of these perks and tools effectively at the right time.

Keep survivors on the hook

As mentioned above, getting off the hook alone is quite difficult for a survivor, and if you are a killer, you can hide and bait him by hiding somewhere around it to catch other survivors.