How to level up faster in Ghost of Tsushima: Legends

Unlock all four classes in record time.

Image via Sucker Punch

Legends is absolutely a welcomed addition inside Ghost of Tsushima, but leveling up can be a slow and tiring objective. By our estimation, you’ll need to go into about 15 or 20 survival games until you earn a second class. However, there are a few ways to speed up this process. By doing so, players will find it easier to eliminate enemies and earn XP.

Take on the challenge

Legends’ tutorial doesn’t dispel this, but conquering story or survival missions in the Silver or Gold difficulties will reward you very kindly. For one, the Ki level of gear will reflect the level recommended for each mission rather than your current level. Thus, if the recommended Ki level is 85, expect your earned gear to reflect that or higher – which is an unfathomable boost to any character.

This will also boost your rank’s XP bar at about double to triple the rate as it would if you played on the Bronze difficulty. Silver and Gold are incredibly tough, but that shouldn’t be a problem when you’re online. The matchmaking system typically pairs a weaker character with someone at or above the recommended level who can lead you towards success.

We suggest using this strategy in the story mission first, with them being much shorter and slower in pace than the survival waves.

Ki level is nothing but a number

Now, let’s get into what will help you gather more kills for XP. Although we rave about exceptionally high Ki leveled gear, sometimes it is better to go with those that are weaker but most impactful. This is especially true for Ghost weapons. Yes, rare Dirt Throws raise your overall Ki to great lengths, but this won’t help you in-game. You’re better off with uncommon Sticky Bombs or Kunai that are lethal and great at long ranges.

You also need to be wary of what stance your katana uses. As most of the mode beholds more Brutes than anything else, the Stone Katana is practically useless. So, don’t be afraid to choose lower level Wind or Moon Katanas if it means it’s more effective in combat.

Modifications are your friend

Again, this is something that the tutorial doesn’t touch on. Players can change the perks attached to their rare weapons when pressing square over them. Modifying each piece of gear will gift you a new perk at random, but it will cost a lot of in-game currency.

From what we’ve seen, your first random perk is usually better than the one previously attached. For example, modifying the half bow for the first time substituted, for us, 10% more resolve gain for 13.5% more draw speed. This process can be done for all rare katanas, bows, charms, and ghost weapons.

You may also want to consider which class fits you best. We’ve ranked all of the four available, so you don’t have to get destroyed figuring it out for yourself.