Fastest Way to Level in Halo: Reach


The first few levels in Halo: Reach‘s multiplayer are easy to obtain. You play a handful of matches, and pretty soon, you find yourself with several sets of customizable armor to make your Spartan or Elite look different than all the others. When you start reaching the higher levels, you will find it takes longer.

The best way to level up in Halo: Reach is to continually rotate out of matches, fighting them back to back and winning. For those who want to win, and quickly, you’ll likely want to stick to the standard playlist set of Slayer or Objective. Slayer features the straightforward team deathmatch mode where four players face off against another group of four, and the one with the most points, or who reaches 50, wins. The Objective Mode also features four-versus-four matches with players vying to complete an objective before time runs out.

You might have the best results jumping into these games with a friend to ensure you have someone reliable each game. If things are going poorly for you, sometimes teammates do leave despite receiving a penalty. With a friend partied up with you, your more likely to have the full team, and someone will always be there to support you.

You always want to check out the Invasion mode in the game. Invasion features a six-versus-six objective mode where one side is protecting, while another attacks the defenders. The defenders have three phases to defend their territory. Regardless if they win or fail, the teams switch roles, giving everyone a chance to try each side. It’s a great way to rack up points if you focus on objectives, and requires coordination between you and your partner.

If you and your friends want a more relaxed night, you don’t have to jump into a multiplayer game. You can continue to rack up points for the season in Halo: Reach by going through the game’s campaign on a harder difficulty or playing Firefight. These options earn you points, despite not being connected to the multiplayer matchmaking.

Bottom line: taking a couple of friends with you through the game helps those levels go up quick because you a dedicated group of players watching your back, consistently messaging you.