How to level up operators fast in Call of Duty: Vanguard

Unlocking an operator’s final skin with ease.

Screenshot of Arthur Kingsley

Image via Activision

Unlike its predecessors, Call of Duty: Vanguard finally allows players to unlock a massive collection of cosmetics without having to pay for the Battle Pass. With the new operator progression system, you can obtain emblems, massive amounts of weapon XP, exclusive finishing moves, and of course, rare skins for your favorite character. Although working to max out each character finally can be a mind-numbing grind at times, Vanguard does have a few tools hidden away that can speed this process up.

Complete challenge tiers for the most XP

Screenshot by Gamepur

Despite playing action-heavy modes like Domination or Hardpoint being a fairly decent way to amass XP for your current operator, the biggest key to maxing out their progression at the fastest rate is through the challenges you may not see on the Operators menu. Although this screen does display a few of them, challenges with the biggest XP bonuses can be found by pressing Square or X (depending on your platform) over your desired operator. In addition, all these hidden challenges also have three parts (or “tiers”) to them — each giving out more operator XP than the last. Bonuses granted vary wildly from 1000 XP to even 5000 XP for your operator.

Adjusting Combat Pacing

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Now that you’re familiarized with your operator’s full list of challenges, change the Combat Pacing preference to match the style of play these challenges ask of you. For instance, if you are playing as Arthur and you need 150 kills, playing in Blitz Pacing’s 48-player lobbies can scratch off this challenge in just about three games. However, with someone like Polina and her sniping challenges, Tactical Pacing provides a quieter 6v6 match that allows you to stay hidden while shooting from long-range for longer periods.

Blueprints for favorite weapons

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It’s no secret that masterfully using each operator’s favorite weapon can result in a truckload of XP for them — but you may not have any of the specific weapon’s attachments unlocked yet. Luckily, the Battle Pass offers plenty of free blueprints for these guns to help you get started. Once obtained, you may even want to stick with the setup given, as most of the latest blueprints range from Epic to Legendary rarity. On the off-chance that an operator’s favorite weapon is not featured in the Battle Pass, the game does lend you default classes with above-average attachments applied to them.

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Once an operator’s level is eventually maxed out, you should have yourself a brand new Rare skin for them. Better yet, their Epic-rarity skin can be obtain for free once their entire unit is completely leveled up as well.