How to light all your ship’s lanterns with blue and white Flames of Fate in Sea of Thieves Fate of the Damned – A Shining Example challenge

Light your ship’s lanterns.

Image via Rare

The Fate of the Damned event is underway in Sea of Thieves, and each week there will be new challenges available for you to complete. Many of these challenges are similar, but they require you to do different things. For the second week, you need to light your ship’s lanterns in the blue and white Flames of Fate. The blue and white flames have different requirements that you need to meet.

How to get the blue flame

For the blue flame, you will need to perish to a shark or a Megalodon. You can find most sharks hanging around on the border of the islands, or you can further into the sea to find a shipwreck. They’re drawn to these locations.

How to get the white flame

For the white flame, you need to die to a strike of lightning. To make it happen, you need to find the nearest storm and go straight into it. The storm will be full of lighting, rain, wind, and potentially more threats. When you’re in the middle of the storm, and you hear lightning, stand outside and wait for it to hit you. It’ll potentially hit your ship, causing a fire. Don’t die to the die, which might be a bit difficult.

Once you both flames of fate on your ship, spread them around to all of the lanterns. The challenge clearly indicates you need to have a mixture of both flames of fate, not only one, all over your ship.