How to load the broadcast tape in Fallout 76

Radscorpions killed the radio star.

Fallout 76

Image via Bethesda

One of the very earliest tasks you will need to complete when you start playing Fallout 76 Wastelanders is to load the broadcast tape into a radio tower. It’s a little confusing because there is a sudden jump from building and crafting to traveling across the map. It’s part of the Hunters for Hire quest, and you will need to do it to lure some unsavory characters to your camp.

As soon as you build the sign advertising your fake Treasure Hunter business, you’ll be asked to load the broadcast tape into a radio tower.

The radio tower in question can be found directly across the river from Flatwoods, it’s not the sign you built, so if you have fumbled around at the sign, don’t fret as quite a few people make that mistake.

Radio Tower Location

Make your way to the radio tower shown on the map above, but be careful on the way. There are a few enemies around, like some Scorched, that you will need to fight at the radio tower itself. They are not particularly tough, thankfully.

Now, keep in mind that if you have built your camp in a different area, it will send you to a different tower, as it will pick the closest tower to your camp’s location. Checking your map should show you a navigation marker on the radio tower that you need to head for if you are in a different area.

Either way, the mission is the same; all you need to do is go to the radio tower, take out the Scorched, and head inside. You will see a terminal that you can interact with, and you can load in the broadcast tape.

The fake message will play, telling people about your fake treasure hunting business, and when you get back to the camp, some NPCs will be there waiting for you.