How to loot Stash Houses in GTA Online

Some quick cash.

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Stash Houses are one of the latest additions to the GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars Update. Through these, you are able to gain some easy cash and RP to survive in the city of Los Santos. These are missions that take a little time to complete and they are definitely enjoyable. So, with that in mind, here is how you can loot stash houses in Grand Theft Auto Online.

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How to find and loot Stash Houses in GTA Online

To be able to loot a stash house in GTA Online, you’ll need to be in a freemode session. Then, go to the map and find the stash house from the legends sections. Mark it and be on your way. You can loot a stash house only once per day in real-time. So, if you’re thinking of waiting out an in-game day to loot them again, it will not work.

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After reaching the location, enter the stash house and take out the dealers. Usually, there are three dealers you have to take out. After that, you need to open the safe in the stash house.

How to get the Stash House safe code in GTA Online

To open a stash house safe, you need a safe code. The safe code is written down in a yellow post-it note in a random place within the stash house. These are not that hard to find and they are usually located beside a laptop.

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After learning the code, you need to input that code into the safe. When you do that, you’ll be able to break into the safe and take the components inside.

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Leave the stash house and you’ll have to face a couple of vehicles of thugs which you’ll have to take out. After dealing with them, leave the area and the mission will be completed. If you own any businesses, the loot of the stash house will be transferred there. If you don’t own any business, you’ll get an easy $30,000.

All Stash House Locations in GTA Online

Stash House locations are randomized each real-time day in GTA Online. The daily reset for the stash house location is 9 AM GMT/ 1 AM PT. There are 25 locations where stash houses could appear:

  1. Near Vitus Street in Vespucci
  2. Near Strangeways Drive in West Vinewood
  3. Near Mutiny Road in La Puerta
  4. Near Cat-Claw Avenue in Grand Senora Desert
  5. 7953 Niland Avenue in Sandy Shores
  6. Near Joshua Road in Sandy Shores
  7. Muscle Gymnasium in Downtown Vinewood
  8. Near the Save-A-Cent at Vespucci Boulevard in Little Seoul
  9. Altruist Camp in the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness
  10. Near Route 68 in Harmony
  11. Near Route 68 in Tongva Valley
  12. The Hardware store in Chumash Plaza
  13. Near Baytee Canyon Road in Great Chaparral
  14. Near Senora Freeway in Great Chaparral
  15. Near Dorset Drive in Morningwood
  16. Near Las Lagunas Boulevard in Vinewood
  17. Near Eclipse Boulevard in West Vinewood
  18. Near Echo Rock Shopping Plaza in Alta
  19. Near the Cool Beans in Wesr Mirror Park
  20. Near Union Road on Grapeseed
  21. Between Union Road and Senora Freeway in Grapeseed
  22. Near El Rancho Bouelvard in East Los Santos
  23. Near Dutch London Street in South Los Santos
  24. Near Orchardville Avenue in East Los Santos
  25. Near the Pawn & Jewelry store at Strawberry Avenue in Strawberry