How to make a Flower Pot in Minecraft

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Minecraft has so many items that you can place around your home that have a variety of uses. Whether it is used for reaching a new area in your building or getting other resources for crafting, there is a lot you can gather. If you are into decorating your home and like flowers, you will want to make some Flower Pots to hold your beautiful plants. Here is how to make a Flower Pot in Minecraft.

How to craft a Flower Pot in Minecraft

To make a Flower Pot in Minecraft, you need to have three Bricks. Before you can get Bricks, though, you need Clay. Look on the banks of bodies of water. You will often see Dirt or Sand blocks, but you can find the gray Clay blocks now and then. Mine them and take them to a Furnace. One Clay ball can be smelted into one Brick.

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Additionally, you can also gather Clay if you have Mud Blocks and Dripstone. Place the Mud above the Dripstone Block and it will slowly drain the water out of the block, leaving behind Clay.

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When you have three Bricks, go to a Crafting Table. If you are playing with the ingredients formula of crafting, you can make a Flower Pot by placing the Bricks in the center, top left, and top right slots. Move the Flower Pot to your inventory to finish the crafting process.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

Now that you have a Flower Pot, you can place it anywhere you want in your home area and put any flower into it. The pot will hold the flower and is just a decoration piece that you can use to spruce up your home.