The best wood types in Minecraft, ranked from worst to best

Time to spruce things up!

All Wood Log Blocks in Minecraft

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Utility-wise, all nine types of wood in Minecraft are equal. Whether you are building a campfire or adding fuel to a furnace, wood offers the same gameplay practicality. However, the same cannot be said about each wood’s appearance. Depending on your preferences in color or design, some tree logs might be relatively appealing, while others might look downright atrocious. Compatibility with the visual design of other blocks is also a crucial factor. However, with over 150 blocks in Minecraft, evaluating every log or plank with other blocks is not a feasible undertaking. That said, we think we’ve put together a solid methodology for ranking wood types in Minecraft. Check it out below.

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What is the best wood block in Minecraft

Standing in a oak house frame in Minecraft
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In our opinion, the best way to judge the ranking of a wood type in Minecraft is by basing it on a block’s intrinsic face value without involving any additional block types. Accordingly, we have built the frontal frame of the most elementary house design using each of the nine types of wood, including their logs, planks, and doors. Of course, we could go beyond this scope and use every wood type’s block, but such an approach would complicate things. Nevertheless, do note the ranking conducted is merely for amusement purposes and does not reflect the wood’s actual significance. That all said, here are the wood types ranked from worst to best.

Jungle wood in Minecraft

jungle wood house frame in Minecraft
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Starting with the most subjectively dreadful-looking wood is undoubtedly jungle logs. Without the thick verdant leaves of the jungle biomes to hide their shame, the log blocks of this wood type create something that can take away your appetite in Minecraft. Of course, the color of its planks is far from unappealing, but the vivid contrast between plank and log is appalling. As a result, this wood type in Minecraft ranks in ninth place. 

Warped wood in Minecraft

warped wood house frame in Minecraft
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Coming up next is warped wood, which actually looks relatively cool if you examine closely how the “veins” of the logs pulse in color. If you were looking for a sci-fi look for your home, this wood type might be an excellent fit. However, in the context of Minecraft, the logs look almost toxic in nature, like something you shouldn’t touch in an RPG game. Its planks are passable yet appear slightly sickly due to their hue. 

Crimson wood in Minecraft

crimson wood house frame in Minecraft
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The red variant of the warped stem in Minecraft is crimson wood, which ranks seventh on our list. Like warped, crimson logs also pulse in an almost blood vessel-like manner, making it the perfect block for a vampiric look. However, outside of an ominous appearance, crimson typically is not ideal for a visually appealing dwelling unless you’re roleplaying as a sinister overlord.

Mangrove wood in Minecraft

mangrove wood house frame in Minecraft
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The planks of Mangrove wood are decent yet somewhat uncanny due to the logs’ sausage-like appearance when their inner core is exposed. Accordingly, a Mangrove log might make good ham on a holiday dinner table or a dry slab of meat in a butcher’s kitchen. Conversely, covered Mangrove logs and planks offer a basic wooden look that is not too spectacular but won’t scare away any neighbors like warped or crimson.

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Dark Oak wood in Minecraft

dark oak wood house frame in Minecraft
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As its name suggests, dark oak is indeed dark in a semisweet cocoa shade of color. Such a dim shade of brown makes it hard to justify building base structures with this wood, but the chocolate-style color also makes dark oak feel warm and welcoming, giving the wood a cordial sensation, like meeting a friendly hermit or witch in a forest hut. As a result, this block ranks at number five on our Minecraft wood list.

Acacia wood in Minecraft

acacia wood house frame in Minecraft
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From a glance, acacia wood might seem rather dull and unspectacular. However, upon closer inspection, the waxy orange tint of the planks and inner logs match wonderfully well with the wood’s grayish bark. For clarification, acacia trees are nothing special, but the color contrast between the amber-orange planks and ash bark produces an almost mystical sensation. Therefore, this wood type is excellent for temples or homes with a Far Eastern-inspired touch.

Birch wood in Minecraft

birch wood house frame in Minecraft
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At rank number three, we have birch wood in Minecraft, which emanates the feeling of a chummy cow or friendly zebra with its bright, custard-cream planks and black-striped white logs. Birch wood will not receive any awards for its looks, but it is the perfect “safe” pick for wood types when building. If you want wood that feels vibrant and chipper, then birch is the pick for you. 

Oak wood in Minecraft

oak wood house frame in Minecraft
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Oak wood has an almost iconic appearance of familiarity that every Minecraft player will have whenever they see it. The cedar-colored, grainy texture of its logs and peanut-tinted planks can make anyone feel at home. This wood type’s color scheme goes so well with almost every environmental background that it is difficult not to give this one the first-place ranking.

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Spruce wood in Minecraft

spruce wood house frame in Minecraft
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Nevertheless, since this ranked list is not based on nostalgia but rather on the tier-centric quality of a wood type’s visual aesthetic, spruce wood takes the crown as the most rudimentary yet most appealing lumber in Minecraft. The inviting colors of its logs and planks contrast like coffee and lattes, combining perfectly into something that resembles what appears most like how wood should look. Of course, such a perspective is undoubtedly subjective, but it is hard to not agree that this wood type can reliably spruce up anyone’s home in Minecraft.