How to make a mountain peak in Loop Hero

Summit the peak for a big health boost.

Screenshot via Gamepur

Progressing in Loop Hero’s early game is all about building out loops you can manage with your gear and acquiring resources that you’ll use to construct new buildings back at camp. One of the more effective ways we’ve found to speed this process along is to build a mountain peak as soon as possible on each loop.

Building a mountain peak couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is group nine tiles of rocks or mountains together in a 3×3 grid. Once you do that, it will automatically turn into a mountain peak.

Mountain peaks are important for several reasons. The most obvious is that it gives you a massive health bonus. You automatically get a 150 point bonus and will gain five more points every time you place another mountain or rock tile adjacent to it. Unfortunately, it seems like you can only build one mountain peak by loop, so you won’t get that big boost more than once per loop.

On top of that, mountain peaks are the only way to get harpies to spawn. These enemies might seem scary, but they really aren’t that tough. That said, they seem to drop decent loop and provide a better experience boost than normal slime enemies. They do spawn on a random tile every two days, so you can’t really plan your loop around them. However, they’re a good way to build out your character as you move through each loop.