How to make a Standing Torch in Sons of the Forest

Improve visibility at night.

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In Sons of the Forest, you will need to explore the forest both during the day and at night. While everything will be clear during the day, the visibility will be poor at night. Because of this, you need to ensure you have enough light around your base to spot enemies trying to come inside it. While you can’t use electric lights, you can still build a Standing Torch. In this guide, we will explain how to make a Standing Torch in Sons of the Forest.

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How to craft a Standing Torch in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest Crafting Book can help you make almost everything. From shelters to Lookout Towers, it features recipes for many structures. There are two ways how it works. It will either provide a complete outline for a structure, and you just have to place the items into it. Or, it will tell you the items required to make something, and you must figure out how to place them together yourself. As for the Standing Torch, it belongs to the latter group.

If you open your Crafting Book and look at the recipe for Standing Fire, you’ll notice that it says you need a stick, cloth, and Lighter for it. Many players can get confused with this as they don’t know how to put them together. However, the process is pretty simple.

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First, pick up two sticks from the ground and equip them. Then, look towards the ground, press right-click to make a small dotted circle appear, and then press left-click to place the stick on the ground vertically. Then, equip the cloth and go near the stick to put it on it. For the final step, equip the second stick, hover over the structure you built, and press right-click when you see the white outline. To light the Standing Torch in Sons of the Forest, you must go near it and hold the ‘E’ key.