How to make a Lookout Tower in Sons of the Forest

Improve your base.

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In Sons of the Forest, the cannibals will keep getting stronger as you progress through the days. Furthermore, they will visit your base more often to hunt you down. Therefore, you need to build a base that contains useful structures, such as a Lookout Tower. To help you, we’ve put together a guide to explain how to craft a Lookout Tower in Sons of the Forest.

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Sons of the Forest Lookout Tower crafting guide | materials required and how to make

To build anything in the game, you need to first access the Crafting Book, which can be done by pressing the ‘B’ key. If the book is in your right hand, you need to hold down the ‘X’ key to switch the mode. With the book in your left hand, click on ‘Shelter’ and then navigate through the options until you spot the Lookout Tower. Click on it, and a white outline of the tower will appear. Now, head to the spot where you want to place it, and then press right-click.

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What materials are required to craft Lookout Tower in Sons of the Forest

The next thing you must do is gather the required materials. The Lookout Tower requires 60 logs and 1 rope. However, you need to split the logs into different pieces further as you will need 49 logs, 2 half logs, 5 quarter logs, and 17 planks. To create a half log, you need to equip your Axe, go to the center of the log, and press right-click after a red dotted line appears. And to create quarter logs, you will need to aim for the sides of the log. As for the rope, it can be found as regular loot from different spots.

After you have managed to acquire the required materials, go near the outline of the tower and start pressing the ‘E’ key repeatedly until all of the logs have been placed. Once done, you can climb up the Lookout Tower and scout the surroundings of your base. Make sure you have placed a Lookout Tower at every corner of your base. You can also connect all of them. To do this, place a piece of log vertically on the top of each Lookout Tower and then use the Rope Gun to attach a zipline with all of them.