How to make a Torch in Sons of the Forest

Exploring caves just got easier.

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In Sons of the Forest, along with cannibal camps and other landmarks, you will also visit different caves. You can’t avoid exploring them as they contain plenty of important items. However, some of these caves are pretty dark and filled with mutants. Therefore, you need something that can improve visibility inside them. While the lighter can help you with this, it is better to use a Torch. In this guide, we will talk about how to make a Torch in Sons of the Forest.

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How to craft a Torch in Sons of the Forest

Making the Torch in Sons of the Forest is a pretty straightforward process. You don’t have to worry about acquiring some hidden items for it. You just need to use a single stick and a piece of cloth to make it. Sticks can be found all over the forest, and you can pick them from the ground. Alternatively, you can chop down a small tree to get one. As for the cloth, you can loot it from crates or pick it up from different spots. For instance, when you visit the grave to get the Shotgun, you can find a piece of cloth on the top of the cross.

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After you have acquired both items, open your inventory by pressing the ‘I’ key. Next, you need to select a stick, which can be found on the right side, and put it in the middle. Then, select the cloth from the left side, and use the gear icon to combine both items. The Torch will then be placed on the right side of the inventory, and you can equip it by pressing right-click. Now, take out your Lighter by pressing the ‘L’ key and hold down the same key to light it up.

The Torch isn’t only used for exploring caves and other dark areas, as it can also help you greatly in winter. When the winter season arrives, you need to make sure your character stays warm at all times. For this, you can keep the Torch in your hands as you explore the forest, as the heat coming from it will keep your character warm.