How to make Aloe Yogurt in Tower of Fantasy

That’s one green yogurt for sure.

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There are many food items in Tower of Fantasy, each with benefits to aid you in various situations. They can help you recover health and satiety points, or give various boosts and resistances. Aloe Yogurt is one of the most useful foods in Tower of Fantasy, as it helps you recover a massive amount of health in the game. Additionally, getting its recipe and ingredients is not that hard, making it a must-have food. Here is how to make Aloe Yogurt and where to gather its ingredients in Tower of Fantasy.

Aloe Yogurt recipe

Aloe Yogurt is a great recipe, especially regarding recovering health. It immediately restores 20% and 60,000 health and 20 satiety points, making it one of the best overall recipes in the game. Making Aloe Yogurt is easy; you only need its recipe and three ingredients. Here are all the ingredients you need to make Aloe Yogurt:

How to get the Aloe Yogurt recipe

Remember that you can not make Aloe Yogurt if you don’t have its recipe, but you can easily get it. To do that, go to any cooking bot. Select creation from the cooking bot menu and place all the Aloe Yogurt ingredients until you get an 80 to 100% success rate. After that, hit cook and the bot will give you the recipe.

Where to gather Aloe Yogurt ingredients

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Aloe Yogurt needs three ingredients, and one of them is Aloe, which is native to only the Vera map, meaning you must unlock that map to get Aloe. You can find Aloe in great amounts near the outer Mirroria city areas in the Gobby Desert. You can purchase milk from any food vendor. Lastly, honey is found all over the world, but Astra is the best place to hunt for some hives.