How to Make Your Buddy Full in Pokémon Go

Make Buddy Full in Pokémon Go

You can now feed your buddy in Pokémon Go with the updated way you can interact with your buddy. When you’re attempting to give your Pokémon a treat to earn those three hearts each day, you may notice it does not immediately receive those hearts. What you have to do is make them full.

To make you buddy full, you need to need to spend a bit more time throwing them food than you usually would merely watching the meter go up. For me, I had to wait until my buddy’s hunger hit the halfway mark, and then I started to feed them. They lose a berry marker around their icon every hour.

You proceed like you usually would, grabbing the berries you want to feed your buddy and toss it at them. You’ll see their stomach meter filling at the top. You need to give them at least three berries to make them full, but this will vary based on how hungry they are.

You need to continually do this until a bright aura shoots up to around them, and a heart bounces above their heart. From there, you’ll earn a new center for having fed them. Because you need to this three times in a day, you need to wait until they half of their stomach meter full before attempting to feed them again for that heart.

You’ll be able to do this again each day after it resets.