How to make Chili Pepper Puffs in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Don’t go overboard with the chilis.

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As you progress through Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will collect various materials and ingredients that are used to make furniture and meals for yourself and the residents of the valley. The meals you make can be used to restore your energy and raise your Friendship Level with the NPCs. Chili Pepper Puffs are just one of the many recipes you will learn. This guide will show you how to make Chili Pepper Puffs in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Chili Pepper Puffs recipe in Disney Dreamlight Valley

All of the recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley are rated on a scale from one to five. The more stars a recipe has, the more ingredients are required to make it. Since Chili Pepper Puffs are a three-star meal, they require three ingredients to make. Unfortunately, they aren’t ingredients you can just find around the Peaceful Meadow.

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Before you can make Chili Pepper Puffs, you first need to unlock the Sunlit Plateau biome. This is the biome to the west of the Plaza. To unlock this area, you will need to spend 7,000 Dreamlight to remove the Night Thorns blocking the entrance. You will also need to unlock the Chez Remy restaurant by following Remy’s quest line. Making Chili Pepper Puffs requires the following ingredients:

  • Chili Peppers
  • Eggs
  • Cheese

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The first ingredient on the list, Chili Peppers, can be found in the Sunlit Plateau. You can find them being sold at Goofy’s Stall for 117 Star Coins. You can also purchase the seeds here for 20 Star Coins. Eggs and Cheese can both be found in the Chez Remy Pantry and are sold for 220 and 180 Star Coins each. Once you have all the ingredients, combine them together at a cooking station and you will have some Chili Pepper Puffs.