How to make concrete in Minecraft

Craft these powerful blocks in Minecraft.

Concrete is a unique block to make Minecraft. It can come in 16 different colors if you make it, and it needs to come into contact with flowing or block of it. It will not become concrete if the water is from rain or a water bottle. It first forms into a block but hardens when it comes into contact with the water.

You will need eight different materials and one of the 16 available dyes in Minecraft to create the concrete powder. You need to create the concrete powder first before it can become concrete. Here are the materials you need to gather:

  • 4 Sand
  • 4 Gravel
  • 1 Dye

You will be able to create eight of the concrete powder of that dye color. You can now use that powder to create blocks of concrete.

To create the slab of concrete in the game, you need to place the powder down next to an open-source of water, or you can take a bucket of water and dump the water on the powder. Place your powder down as you traditionally would other blocks in the game, and then throw the water over the powder. It should immediately become a slab of concrete.

You can see the difference between concrete and concrete powder based on the small dots in the powder, whereas a concrete block has a solid color around it. If you want to move the block, you need to mine it with a pickaxe. If you don’t it will drop nothing.