How to make Extra Fizzy Root Beer in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Make my Root Beer extra fizzy.

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Cooking is a large part of Disney Dreamlight Valley and as such, you will be required to make meals fairly often in the game. Introduced in the Scar’s Kingdom update, Extra Fizzy Root Beer is one of the recipes that you can make as long as you gather the required ingredients. Of course, if you look in the menu, Extra Fizzy Root Beer doesn’t appear on the list. This guide will show you how to make Extra Fizzy Root Beer in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Extra Fizzy Root Beer recipe in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You may be thinking that Extra Fizzy Root Beer is just normal Root Beer that you can make at any old cooking station in the valley. You are partially right. Extra Fizzy Root Beer is similar to normal Root Beer but it has one thing that the standard recipe doesn’t; Dry Ginger. This ingredient makes all the difference when adding that extra fizziness to the Root Beer.

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You will be tasked with making the Extra Fizzy Root Beer after starting the Nature & Nurture quest. This is the first quest in Scar’s quest line that you will get immediately after unlocking him. During this quest, you will find a note in the Vitalys mine that will tell you that carbonation kills the Night Thorns. After telling Merlin about this, he will give you the recipe for Root Beer.

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Inside the mine, you will find a piece of Dry Ginger. The other ingredients you need are Vanilla and Sugarcane. After getting the other ingredients, head over to a cooking station and throw them together to get the Extra Fizzy Root Beer. Make sure you use the Ginger required for the quest or else you will just get normal Root Beer and it won’t count. Of course, you can still use the normal Root Beer as a way to restore your energy.