How to make money in Forza Horizon 5

Get some of that cash.

Image via Xbox Game Studios

Let’s be honest: money is important. Money is important in real life, but also in video games. Forza Horizon 5 has a virtual currency of its own, and you’ll need some in order to buy new cars, plus other items, including customizable items for your avatar, to even houses. So, how can you obtain money in Forza Horizon 5? It’s not too difficult, and there are multiple ways to obtain some.

Before get into how to make money, it’s important to note that the currency in FH 5, much like in other Forza Horizon games, is called CR.

CR can be obtained mainly by completing races. Upon completing a race, regardless of whether it’s a Cross-Country or Circuit event, you will receive an amount of CR. The amount of CR you will receive will mainly predicate based upon of how well you place in the race. For example, you will receive more CR if you finish in second than you would if you placed in sixth, and so forth.

Additionally, CR can be obtained through Wheelspin and Super Wheelspin rewards.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Wheelspin rewards can be received for performing well in events, as well as for completing miscellaneous tasks throughout Forza Horizon 5. In some cases, Wheelspins will yield cars, or CR.

Other ways to make money, outside of the methods mentioned above, include:

  • Selling cars at the Auction House
  • Car Mastery upgrades – In some cases, unlocking new perks with Skill Points will yield Wheelspins and CR rewards