How to make money in Monster Rancher 1 & 2 DX

Taking care of a monster is a lot like taking care of a child: it’s expensive.

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Monster Rancher 1 & 2 DX is all about creating the best monster. You’ll need to put your monster through training to increase their stats. However, training is expensive. While you start with some money, it’ll only last you for so long. So, you need to earn money and fast.

Earning money in Monster Rancher 1

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In Monster Rancher 1, there are two ways to get money. The easiest way is to work, as they only take one week out of the month. There are 10 jobs to pick from, all of which will improve one or two of your monster’s stats. Out of the 10 jobs, six will pay 100G, and the other four will reward you 150G.

100G Jobs

  • Cart: Increases Power
  • Hunt: Improves Skill
  • Field: Improves Intelligence
  • Forest: Increases Speed stat
  • Guard: Defense will increase
  • Logging: Increases Life stat

150G Jobs

  • Circus: Increases both Speed and Intelligence but will decrease Power
  • Build: Improves Power and Life, but your monster’s speed will suffer
  • Mine: Life and Defense will improve, but skill will decrease
  • Mailman: Intelligence and Skill increase, but defense will be lowered

Jobs are a good way to earn a small amount of money while training your monster and making them more loyal to you. But, your monster will eventually get tired, so be sure to give them a well-deserved rest if you plan on working them often.

The other way to gain money in this game is by participating in tournaments. But, you’ll have to train your monster and build up their loyalty with you first.

How to earn money in Monster Rancher 2

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Unfortunately, work isn’t available in Monster Rancher 2. You can do a minigame in town that will earn you some money, but it’s honestly not worth it. So, the only efficient way to earn money is by battling other people in tournaments.