How to make Nut Tea in Tower of Fantasy

It’s about to get nutty.

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Tower of Fantasy has many food recipes. Getting your hands on some of them can be challenging, but most are rewarding. One such recipe that is useful but hard to get is Nut Tea. It’s great for healing and satiety. This Tower of Fantasy guide will tell you how to make Nut Tea and the best locations to get its ingredients.

Nut Tea recipe

Nut Tea is one of the two best healing foods in the entire game. Consuming it will immediately restore 20% and 60,000 health and 20 satiety, making it a great food to carry during big battles. To make Nut Tea, you need its recipe and three ingredients. Here are the three ingredients you need to make Nut Tea in Tower of Fantasy:

How to get the Nut Tea recipe

If you don’t have the Nut Tea recipe, you must get it first to make some. You can do it by accessing the creation tab of any cooking bot. Put different amounts of the three ingredients in there until you get an 80 to 100% success rate. After that, click create, and you will get your Nut Tea recipe.

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How to gather Nut Tea ingredients

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Nut Tea is a great food item, and that’s why its ingredients are one of the hardest to get. The first is hazelnut, which you can only get in the Navia region. All of its farming locations have a low drop rate, so it will take some time to get your hands on hazelnut. To get honey, you need to find bee hives, which are usually everywhere, so you will easily come across them.

Lastly, you need pinecones, which you can only find in the Warren Snowfield. They are usually found in every part of Warren Snowfield, and there isn’t any specific farming location. You can get them under almost all Pine trees.