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How to make Sweet Cider Lake in Genshin Impact


Drink-a-Dreaming event introduced a bunch of new drinks that players can brew and enjoy in Genshin Impact. In total, 21 drink recipes can be unlocked by mixing different ingredients. Players need to figure out the ingredients for each drink on their own since the game only reveals the drink’s name, not its recipe. One of the drinks available is the Sweet Cider Lake, and if you do not know its recipe, follow the guide below.

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How to craft Sweet Cider Lake in Genshin Impact

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Looking at the description of Sweet Cider Lake, which reads, “Milk is added to fruit juice in many tiny batches up to a certain ratio. The sweet juice and the smooth mouthfeel are a fine match for one another indeed.” It’s clear that the ingredients required are Milk (not Dango Milk) and Juice. The exact recipe will require you to use 1x Juice and 2x Milk. By default, you’ll have access to Juice in Angel Share tavern, whereas Milk can be bought from any of the three General Goods shops for 100 Mora. You can also buy Milk once weekly from NPC Kiyoko in Bourou Village, Inazuma, for 60 Mora. Once you successfully brew Sweet Cider Lake, it will automatically get added to the Juices list in the Drink Archives.

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As mentioned before, Sweet Cider Lake is only one of the 21 drinks available to make. Hence, keep mix-matching ingredients to discover a new recipe or simply refer to the entire recipe list here. Once you start bartending in Angel’s Share tavern, you’ll need to serve customers all kinds of drinks, so it’s better to get familiar with the recipes beforehand.

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