How to make the best Rogue build in Diablo IV

Ranged rogues are like the snipers of Sanctuary.

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In the dark and treacherous world of Diablo IV, you’ll be facing hordes of demons, undead creatures, and other nightmarish foes. But fear not, for you’ll have the most cunning and elusive class of them all at your disposal: the Rogue. The Rogue is a master of stealth, agility, and trickery, able to strike from the shadows, evade enemy attacks and unleash devastating combos. But, of course, to maximize your Rogue’s potential, you’ll need to choose the right skills, talents, and gear that complement your preferred strategy. That’s where this guide comes in handy.

Best Active Skills for Rogues

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To become the best ranged Rogue ever, you must unlock the following skills.

First up, we have Forceful Arrow. Not only does this skill deal damage, but it also generates resources for your other attacks. It’s the perfect opener for any encounter, allowing you to build momentum and unleash more devastating skills.

Speaking of devastating skills, Barrage is your bread and butter when dealing damage. This skill fires arrows in a cone before you, shredding through enemies like a hot knife through demon butter. Use it whenever you need to clear a group of enemies quickly.

But what about bosses, you ask? Fear not, for Penetrating Shot is your go-to skill when facing tougher foes. This skill fires a single arrow that pierces through enemies and deals massive damage to the target. It’s the perfect way to chip away at a boss’s health and finish them with a Rain of Arrows.

Your ultimate skill will be Rain of Arrows. This skill rains down a hail of arrows in a large area, dealing massive damage to all enemies caught in its path. It’s a skill that requires careful timing and positioning, but when used correctly, it can turn the tide of any battle.

Of course, being a rogue means you also need to be nimble and quick on your feet. That’s where Dash comes in handy. This skill lets you quickly dash forward, evading enemy attacks and repositioning yourself for a better shot. Use it to dodge those pesky fireballs or to close the gap between you and your target.

Finally, we have Imbue Weapon Poison. This skill adds poison damage to your attacks, making them even deadlier than before. Use it to boost your DPS and whittle down enemies faster.

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Best Passive Skills for Rogues

With your primary skills unlocked, it’s time to focus on the passive ones. 

  1. Precision: Start with Precision, which increases your critical hit chance.
  2. Deadly: Next up is Deadly, which increases your critical hit damage. Combine this with Precision for maximum damage output.
  3. Alchemy Venom: Alchemy Venom is a great skill to unlock next, as it increases your poison damage and duration.
  4. Precision Imbuement: Now it’s time to unlock Precision Imbuement, which adds a critical hit chance to your attacks.
  5. Stutter Step: Stutter Step is a great skill to unlock next, as it allows you to fire while moving, making you more elusive and harder to hit.
  6. Weapon Mastery: Weapon Mastery is a great skill to unlock next, as it increases damage with all weapons.
  7. Exploit: Exploit is a great skill to unlock next. It increases your critical hit chance and critical hit damage against enemies affected by your poison.
  8. Malice: Last but not least is Malice, which increases your damage against enemies affected by your poison. Combine this with Exploit for even more deadly poison damage.

Best Equipment for Rogues

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If you’re looking to gear up your Rogue in Diablo IV, there are a few key attributes you should be on the lookout for. First and foremost, you want to prioritize items with dexterity, as this stat directly increases the overall damage to your skills. Intelligence is also vital, as it increases your critical hit damage, allowing you to dish out even more pain to your enemies.

But it’s not just about raw damage — you also want to focus on physical and poison damage. Look for items that boost these types of damage, as they will synergize well with your skills and make you even more deadly in combat. Whether through weapons, armor, or accessories, prioritize items that enhance your physical and poison damage output.