How to make the My Hero Cookie in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You’re my hero.

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As you live your life in comfort in Disney Dreamlight Valley, helping out the various Disney and Pixar residents, you will cook meals for yourself and your new friends. These meals can be given to the residents as gifts to show them you care. If you truly want to show them you care, why not bake a My Hero Cookie? They can wear it around their neck with pride or devour this delicious food. Here is how you can make the My Hero Cookie in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

My Hero Cookie recipe in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You may recognize the My Hero Cookie from the animated movie Wreck-It Ralph. In the movie, Ralph wears the cookie around his neck with pride. While the residents of Dreamlight Valley probably won’t be accessorizing the cookie you worked so hard to bake, they will appreciate it; especially if it is one of their favorite items of the day. This baked good is a three-star dessert which means it requires three ingredients to make.

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Before you can make one of these cookies, you need to unlock Remy and open up the Chez Remy restaurant. You will need the following ingredients to make this little cookie:

  • Wheat
  • Butter
  • Any sweet

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The easiest ingredient to obtain on the list is Wheat. This can be obtained from Wall-E’s Garden in the Peaceful Meadow biome or by buying Wheat Seeds from Goofy’s Stall in the same biome and growing them. The butter is only able to be obtained after the Chez Remy restaurant is opened. You can then purchase it from the pantry for 190 Star Coins. The sweet needed to make the recipe can be any of them. The easiest ones to obtain are Sugarcane from Dazzle Beach or Vanilla from the Sunlit Plateau. Combine the three ingredients at a cooking station and it will create the cookie.