How to make Weakness Exploit Jewels in Monster Hunter Rise

Show them how weak they are.

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Weakness Exploit is an essential skill to have for late-game builds in Monster Hunter Rise. The skill provides up to a 50% Affinity increase whenever you hit monster weak spots. Paired with the Critical Eye and Attack Boost skills, your DPS can go through the ceiling.

What do you need for Weakness Exploit Jewels in Monster Hunter Rise

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Weakness Exploit Jewels, called Tenderizer Jewel 2 in the menu, are available to craft after you raise your Hunter Rank to 8 and above. That means completing all main Gathering Hub quests through the first Thunder Serpent Narwa quest. With HR 8 available, Weakness Exploit Jewels will be available to craft at the Smithy in the Steelworks area of Kamura.

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The materials you need to craft Tenderizer Jewels aren’t easy to come by. You will need:

  • Five Lazurite Jewels: These are available as quest rewards for any quest you can access after reaching HR 8, like Bazelguese, Elder Dragons, and other high-difficulty monsters. Defeating Apex-level monsters is another great way to farm Lazurite Jewels.
  • Three Rakna-Kadaki Spikes: This material is a somewhat rare drop from the spider-like, fire-breathing Rakna-Kadaki. Your primary sources will be capturing the monster and breaking its Glowgut and Legs.
  • Three Almudron Claw+: Breaking Almudron’s front legs is your quickest and best way to get this material, though capturing the beast also works. Claw+ cannot be carved for whatever reason, nor can it be received as a quest reward. Breaking parts and picking up dropped items are your main sources.
  • One Narga Medulla: This rare drop from Nargacuga has a low chance of dropping from the tail and head, and an even lower chance of being a target or capture reward. You’ll likely need to hunt a few Nargacuga to get this material.

With all these materials gathered, return to the Smithy and select Decorations -> Create Decorations from the submenu. The Weakness Exploit Jewel is a level two Decoration, so it sits in the middle of the list. You can wishlist it for an easier time finding it.

You’ll need equipment with level two Decoration slots to use a Weakness Exploit Jewel, and such gear is primarily from late-game, higher quest level monsters. Some monster gear, Zinogre in particular, comes with Weakness Exploit as an armor Skill, but if your build armor and weapons don’t come with Weakness Exploit by default, equipping the jewel is a fine supplement.